What We do

We love to create software.

From iPad apps to enterprise data management systems, our work runs reliably in the cloud and responsively at your fingertips.

We are your partner for full life-cycle software product development. From conception to curation, we will work diligently with you to create and manage your technology for the long-term.

What's New

People always ask us "What's your specialty?"

After almost 15 years, we can say with confidence and conviction that our core focus is custom software product development in partnership with companies and organizations.

We are a "full stack" shop when it comes to software development services with in-house user experience experts, software engineers and system administrators.

Our specialty is in end-to-end product development, from idea to implementation to iteration.

Examples include:

⋄ iPhone and iPad application development in Objective C
⋄ Web Application Development in Ruby on Rails and Microsoft .NET
⋄ Android Application development in Java/Android SDK
⋄ Web Service and API design/development
⋄ Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture design, deployment and management

Things We've Made


CoffeeTablet for iPad creates beautiful "Coffee Table" quality electronic books from your iPad media library automatically in a few simple steps.

Visit coffeetablet.com to learn more
or download the app today.


Launched in the spring of 2012, Shawhardsurface.com is a single source web application for product specification, visualization and sample ordering.

It integrates with Salesforce.com to provide real-time lead notification and analytics as well as comprehensive corporate product data-warehouse to provide in-depth specifications.

Technology: Stack=Microsoft ASP.NET 4/MVC 2.0 | Database=SQL Server 2010